Residents of the City of Del Rio can use the landfill free of charge to deposit household trash and yard rubbish only. Non-residents can use the landfill for a fee.

Landfill information and requirements:
  • Residents must show a valid photo ID along with their most recent City Utility Bill to show proof of residency. If you pay your bill online, you can use your phone to show your last City Utility Bill for proof of residency.
  • All trash must be covered up, all uncovered trash loads will be fined 200% of total cost.
  • Disposal of commercial trash will be charged a fee, regardless of residency.
  • Wood chips and mulch available to all citizens of Del Rio and Val Verde County at no charge.
  • Delinquent water accounts must be brought current prior to using the landfill.
    All vehicles are weighed upon entering and exiting the landfill to determine appropriate charges.
    Residents of Del Rio will not be charged for household trash/yard rubbish.
    All commercial customers will be charged for landfill use. Customers with a delinquent utility bill cannot use the landfill until the account is current.
    All uncovered loads will be charged 200% percent of the current gate fee.
    Building materials mixed with household waste will be charged at $45 per ton.
    All building materials including, but not limited to: concrete, asphalt, metal waste, waste or rubbish from building renovation or remodeling, and materials removed from buildings or structures as a result of renovating or remodeling, rock, dirt will be charged $45 per ton as stated above.

    Checks are not accepted. You can pay with cash. You could also set up an account with the City of Del Rio Billing Department.
    The credit card reader at the landfill is temporarily out of service.
  • Proof of City Residency: A valid driver's license and current utility billing statement must be presented to the gatekeeper at the landfill to verify proof of residency. A person disposing of trash for another person will be charged the posted rate.
  • Transporting: All trash must be covered with a tarp or some other material to prevent littering. Littering laws will be strictly enforced.
  • Unpaid Bills: If a customer leaves the landfill without paying applicable charges the City of Del Rio Landfill with file charges with the Del Rio Police Department.

Please view the  Landfill Fee Structure page to learn more about fees and regulations.

Mulch is available for the public at the landfill! Feel free to stop by when we're open and take what you need!