Keeping Del Rio Clean

Recycling is the easiest and most efficient way to keep Del Rio clean. The City of Del Rio wants to include every member of the community in its recycling efforts, and introduced an award winning educational environmental program to the San Felipe Consolidated Independent School District, using 'Toby Globy' the earth loving mascot to teach simple environmental awareness to students.

The Recycling Center strives to provide the public education and resources to promote recycling in our community by:
    • Distributing recycling information at community events
    • Issuing media releases and recycling tips
    • Broadcasting on our municipal television channel 34
    • Developing an educational program for local school children
    Residential curbside "Single Stream" recycling service will allow the community the option to reduce the amount of solid waste that is disposed of at the City landfill, preserving valuable airspace at the landfill for many generations to come. For more information visit our Single Stream Recycling page.