City Goals FY2010-2011


I. Improve Development Services

a. Increase public outreach and education
b. Promote a “Business-Friendly” environment
c. Initiate a Streamlined Utility Hook-Up Process

II. Improve Infrastructure

a. Complete street improvements for Avenue E and Main Street
b. Continue water line replacements and rehabilitation program
c. Continue wastewater line replacements and rehabilitation program
d. Continue gas line replacements and rehabilitation program
e. Continue 2011 Preventative Maintenance Street Paving Plan
f. Contract to Design the elimination of Lift Stations
g. Identify funding for the construction of the Northside outfall
h. Complete the retrofitting and replacement of water treatment plant membranes
i. Review options of accepting grease at City Facilities
j. Analyze and recommend management of wastewater treatment facilities
k. Analyze possibility of the management of Refuse Collection Services
l. Identify Capital Improvement Projects for 2011-2016
m.Improve alleys jointly with Val Verde County
n. Review options for recycled and/or untreated water infrastructure – “purple pipe”
o. Continue to review and update Comprehensive Master Plan

III. Enhance Quality of Life

a. Maintain/improve parks and recreation facilities
b. Continue to plan new parks & recreational areas
c. Maximize the Planning and Capacity Report on Park space and future needs
d. Continue to improve quality of service to our citizens, by providing greater customer service levels at every department
e. Increase quality of work at every department
f. Improve City communication tools and effectiveness
g. Enhance City performance and efficiency through streamlined IT upgrades
h. Continue to clean/improve creek area
i. Promote the Adopt-A-Park Program
j. Begin to establish a local Food Bank

IV. Advance Economic Development

a. Lead efforts to develop an educated workforce – (MRGDC)
b. Increase effectiveness of a consistent marketing theme and message
c. Continue to improve public relations with local, regional and national partners
d. Further market Del Rio on a region and bi-national basis
e. Market City Airport as an economic development tool
f. Continue to promote economic development using Asset-Based Infrastructure Development, Industries, Education and Marketing Development
g. Encourage downtown redevelopment and revitalization
h. Complete the Cultural and Economic Development Master Plan
i. Continue to Develop and Adopt a San Felipe Creek Master Plan

V. Address Area-Wide Transportation Needs

a. Continue to support the Ports to Plains Corridor
b. Continue to Develop Thoroughfare Plan
c. Complete Airport Master Plan
d. Reinvestigate international bus service
e. Continue to pursue a rail spur

VI. Improve City Facilities and Department Operations

a. Continue the relocation of the International Bridge Toll Booths
b. Continue efforts to obtain Animal Control Facility
c. Consider a dog park
d. Continue efforts to obtain a Recycling Center
e. Continue to design/construct Emergency Operations Center
f. Study the feasibility of a Fire Department Administration Office
g. Recommend new facilities for service departments
h. Continue Efforts to Demolish old Police Department facility
i. Continue Efforts to Retrofit old CID Building for other City office uses
j. Continue to complete the closure of Landfill cells 1, 2, and 3
k. Complete design and construction of cell 5
l. Begin permitting of next 75 acres at landfill
m.Review/Amend Personnel Policies
n. Review/Amend Employee Salary Schedules and Positions
o. Explore the cost effectiveness of a municipal fuel station
p. Examine possibility of an electric co-op

VII. Promote Intergovernmental Cooperation

a. Continue to foster positive relationships with all local, state, federal and international entities
b. Continue to leverage resources from Val Verde County and SFCISD
c. Promote collaboration on all projects that relate to our City, our County and our community