Common Name Scientific Name Height Remarks
Agave, Century Plant Agave americana 3'-8' Sun; evergreen; large, grey, spine-tipped leaves; spends years storing energy - its last act is to form a 15' flower stalk that with a greenish white flower; a favorite of hummingbirds and bats; a Texas native.
Heartleaf Iceplant Aptenia cordifolia To 10” Sun/part shade; deciduous; daisy-like, brightly colored flowers and thick, fleshy leaves; needs little water except in extreme heat.
Paleleaf Yucca Yucca pallida 1’-2’ Sun/part shade; evergreen; pale, blue-green foliage; large, cream-colored bloom stalk in early spring; a Texas native.
Red Yucca Hesperaloe parviflora 3'-4' Sun/part shade; evergreen; long lasting spikes of pink to red flowers in summer, flower stalks reaching 4'-6' tall; clumping, yucca-like plant with narrow, sword-like leaves; a Texas native.
Sedum Sedum spp.
Sun/part shade; many flower colors including white, yellow, pink, red and purple; well suited as rockery plantings, perennial border or groundcover; does well in poor, dry soils.
Softleaf Yucca Yucca recurvifolia 4’-6’ Sun/part shade; evergreen; soft, bendable foliage; tall, cream colored bloom stalk in summer.
Spanish Dagger Yucca treculeana 15'T x 5'W Sun; evergreen; cream colored flower with long, leathery capsules to 4" long. The leaves are thick and concave, very long and thin, with a sharp tip.
Spinless Prickly Pear Opuntia ellisiana – "Burbank Spineless" 1'-6' Sun; evergreen; yellow or orange flowers, purple fruit (Tunas) that is edible; cactus pads called "nopalito" in Spanish are also edible; this prickly pear is spineless and needs soil that drains well; a Texas native
Texas Sotol Dasylirion texanum 5' Sun; evergreen; long, lance-like foliage with sharp, spiny edges; very tall bloom stalk in spring and summer; extremely heat tolerant; a Texas native.
Twisted Leaf Yucca Yucca rupicola 1'-2' Sun/part shade; evergreen; large creamy white flower spikes appear sometime from May to July; the green foliage twists as it ages; needs little care once established; deer love to eat the flower stalk before it opens; a Texas native.