Common Name Scientific Name Height Remarks
Ajuga Ajuga reptans 4” Part shade/shade; evergreen; fast-spreading groundcover with spikes of blue flowers in summer; spreads by runners.
Asiatic Jasmine Trachelospermum asiaticum n/a Sun/shade; evergreen; green or variegated foliage with the very rare appearance of small white flowers; widely used as an evergreen groundcover; difficult to remove once established.
Clover Fern Marsilea macropoda 6"-10” Sun or Shade; no flowers; delicate, hairy, clover-like leaves; a nice groundcover for borders and along walk ways; dies back during the winter; a Texas native.
English Ivy Hedera helix n/a Shade; evergreen; large, glossy, dark-green leaves; capable of climbing 15'-20' over fences and into trees - maintain neatness with annual trimming.
Frog fruit Phyla incisa n/a Sun/part shade; semi-evergreen; a low-growing groundcover that spreads quickly and provides nectar for butterflies; frogfruit is rarely found in nurseries but can be found growing in many public areas where transplants can be taken.
Gregg Dalea Dalea greggii 6’-12” Sun; evergreen; small purple blooms spring through fall; small, silvery leaves; a great groundcover in rocky areas with poor soil; a Texas native.
Lantana, Trailing Lantana montevidensis 1’ Sun/part shade; spreading and mounding groundcover that blooms spring through frost; purple or white flower varieties available; dies back during late fall and winter; enjoyed by butterflies.
Liriope Liriope muscari 1'-2' Part shade/shade; dark green grass-like foliage with lilac-purple flowers spikes; grows in clumps.
Monkey (Mondo) Grass Ophiopogon japonicus n/a Part shade/shade; leaves are dark green and grassy; blooms are rarely (if ever) seen; spreads by underground runners; dwarf and variegated varieties available.
Ruellia "Blue Shade" Ruellia squarrosa 1' Sun/shade; semi-evergreen; velvety leaves and light blue to lavender flowers summer through first frost; has a trailing or mounding form; insect and disease resistant.
Silver Ponyfoot Dichondra argentea 2”-4” Sun/part shade; groundcover with attractive, silvery, hoof-shaped leaves; must have good drainage; foliage dies back during winter.
Snakeroot Orbexilum sp. 6" Sun/part shade; evergreen; dense groundcover with small clusters of purple flowers late spring through fall; seeds are enjoyed by wildlife; adaptable to many soils; a great substitute for the over-used asian jasmine; a Texas native.
Trailing Juniper Juniperus sp. n/a Several varieties available; not suitable for wet, humid areas; sun
Vinca Vinca major n/a Sun/part shade; hardy groundcover with blue to purple flowers and long trailing stems with dark green, glossy leaves.
Woolly Stemodia Stemodia lanata 6” Sun/part shade; an attractive groundcover with silvery leaves and purple blooms in spring; high heat tolerance; do not over-water; a Texas native.