Common Name Scientific Name Height Remarks
Belinda's Dream Rosa x ‘Belinda’s Dream’ 3-5' Sun; semi-evergreen; fragrant, medium pink blooms from spring until frost; a fast growing shrub; few disease problems; a Texas Superstar.
China Rose Chinensis sp. 2'-4' Sun/ part shade; semi-evergreen; has large clusters of small multi-color pink and white flowers throughout the summer months.
Fairy Rose Rosa spp 2.5-3' Sun; semi-evergreen; light pink double blooms; best blooms in spring and fall; keep moist until established (usually requires one month to establish); average water needs during growing season.
Fortuniana Rose Rosa x 'Fortuniana' Climber Sun; semi-evergreen; white flowers, the blooms are fragrant; it is also a vigorous climber also is pest resistant.
Knock-out Rosa x ‘Knock Out’ 3'-5' Sun; semi-evergreen; cherry red or brilliant pink flowers that bloom from spring until frost; disease resistant and easy to grow. What it lacks in fragrance is made up for in performance as this rose blooms constantly.
Lady Banks Rose Rosa banksia Climber Sun; evergreen; 1" white or yellow blooms cover the plant like a thick blanket in the spring, lasting up to 6 weeks; thornless; appears to have no serious insect or disease problems; hardness questionable below 15 degrees.
Livin’ Easy Rosa x ‘Livin’ Easy’ 4’ Sun; evergreen; apricot-orange flowers; repeat bloomer.
Marie Pavie Rosa x ‘Marie Pavie’ 3’ Sun/part shade; evergreen; white to pale pink flowers; antique rose; repeat bloomer; fragrant; few thorns.
Martha Gonzales Rosa spp. 3' Sun/ part shade; semi-evergreen; neat bright scarlet single flower open flat to decorate a bushy shrub whose neat foliage has a dark red tinge; blooms from spring until frost. Has few thorns; disease tolerant; its size serves as an excellent choice for a low hedge or border.
Mermaid Rose Rosa x bractaeta Climber Sun; semi-evergreen; creamy yellow saucer sized 5-petal flower; with a mound of shiny green foliage; vigorous climber.
Mutabilis Rose Rosa chinensis 'Mutabilis' 3'-5' Sun; semi-evergreen; has medium, semi-double, lilac pink flowers in loose clusters. They flush darker pink in the sun and are followed by large orange hips. Perfume is soft, but fruity and pleasant, used in a hedge; also known as the Butterfly Rose.
Nearly Wild Rosa x ‘Nearly Wild’ 3' Sun; evergreen; pink flowers; repeat bloomer; disease resistant.