Planning & Capacity Building Study

The Planning and Capacity Building Study includes many project components that support analysis and decision-making about a range of issues in the study area. This document contains goals and objectives that can be utilized in both current and future decision making for development and infrastructure improvements. The planning period for this plan is 2010 to 2020, with actions and improvements broken into smaller one to five year phases.


Planning and Capacity Building Study


APPENDIX A – Street Survey
APPENDIX B – Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

Table of Maps

MAP 1 Base Map
MAP 2 Existing Housing Conditions Map
MAP 3 Existing and Projected Population
MAP 4 Existing Land Use
MAP 5 Future Land Use
MAP 6 Existing Street Conditions
MAP 7 Proposed Street Improvements
MAP 8 Existing and Proposed Park Facilities
MAP 9 Capital Improvements Program
MAP 10 Zoning District Map