Master Watershed Study

The contents of this Study include the presentation of recommended drainage design criteria, description of drainage areas, runoff computations, recommended channel improvements, proposed drainage structures and cost estimates. Of primary importance are the maps showing the required channels and structures to handle the storm water runoff according to the design criteria.

This Study is a dynamic plan, meaning that it is subject to continuously changing conditions. Recommended improvements are based upon certain projected data base. As this data base changes in the future, the Watershed Study should be updated accordingly.

For more questions or more information about the Study contact Bob Parker, PE, City Engineer and FEMA Floodplain Administrator for the City of Del Rio at (830)774-8525 or by email.

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Master Watershed Study

The scope of the study is to provide an existing and ultimate development condition open channel study. The following items summarize the general tasks performed during the study:
1.Data Collection
2.Site Visits/Field Observations
3.Hydrologic Parameter Development
4.Hydrologic Model Development
5.Storm Event Analysis
6.Hydraulic Analysis
7.Flood Control–Identification of Areas of Concern
8.Environmental Permitting
9.Flood Control Solutions
10.CIP Recommendations

These general tasks are summarized as chapters in the Master Watershed Study report. Descriptions of the methodologies employed in the study and summary results are discussed in the body of the report ,which is labeled as Volume I. Detailed figures of the hydrologic parameters are presented in Appendix A in Volume II of the report.

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Volume 1
Volume 2