Comprehensive Master Plan

Comprehensive Master Plan The Del Rio Plan is designed as a blueprint for the growth of the City and its five-mile planning jurisdiction over the next 20 years and beyond. It is intended to guide the community’s decisions regarding its future physical and economic development.

View the Comprehensive Master Plan below by chapter or download the complete Master Plan by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Chapter One - Introduction
This plan identifies goals, objectives, policies, and actions for elected and appointed officials, members of advisory committees, civic groups and organizations, directors and staff, and citizens to use as decisions are made and the community’s vision is achieved.

Chapter Two - Community Snapshot
This chapter includes a snapshot of the community’s past conditions and present characteristics, providing an understanding of what the future may hold.

Chapter Three - Land Use
The type, pattern, scale, and site design characteristics of each land use contributes to the
overall visual character of the community.

Chapter Four - Parks & Recreation
Parks and recreation areas and facilities are an integral part of the public infrastructure system
and are essential to Del Rio's strategic goal of promoting and sustaining "active living" for all

Chapter Five - Transportation
Thoroughfare development requires advanced planning to meet the community’s requisite
travel demands and to ensure safe and orderly movement of traffic within neighborhoods and
throughout the community and region.

Chapter Six - Growth Capacity
In order for Del Rio to realize the future envisioned by its residents and leaders, it must
have a balanced strategy for achieving economic growth, while guiding development in
a logical and sequential pattern.

Chapter Seven - Economic Development
The purpose of this chapter is to provide Del Rio with a framework for understanding
opportunities for economic development.

Chapter Eight - Implementation
Implementation is the most important part of this plan it is the point at which the plan
transitions from policy into practice.

Download the full Comprehensive Master Plan here.