Single Stream Recycling Collection Overview

Recycling at home is easy and can be accomplished by simply placing all approved "Single Stream" recyclable items in the 18- gallon recycle bin instead of the trash cart. The City of Del Rio wants to include every member of the community in its recycling efforts, the Recycle Center, located at 1409 E. Gibbs will remain open for all of your recycling needs.

New products are manufactured from recycled materials instead of virgin materials, which lessens our dependence on limited natural resources. Additionally, when we recycle, we prevent reusable materials from ending up in a landfill where they become contaminated and cannot be extracted and reused.

Collection Frequency

Residential recycling is collected once every other week on your scheduled garbage collection day.

What does 'every other week' mean to my neighborhood?

View Collection-Day-Button.png to see if your residence is in a green or blue collection area and then reference the Single Stream Recycling Calendar to determine your collection week.

If you already know whether your residence is in a green or blue collection area simply download the "Single Stream" recycling calendar below to determine your collection week.

Download our Single Stream Recycling Calendar

Singe Stream Recyclable Items

The amount of recyclables that can be set-out is unlimited; however, you must use your 18-gallon recycling bin. Additional 18-gallon recycling bins can be requested for a monthly fee of $2.50 per bin by calling (830) 774 - 8501.

What is Single Stream recycling? It is basically an industry term that means, "all acceptable recyclables can be co-mingled into the same container with no sorting of the material by the customer." The sorting and processing of the collected recyclables will occur at a recycling center licensed to accept the collected recycling commodities.

The Single Stream recyclables that will be accepted are listed below:
  • Metal Containers
  • Aluminum cans
  • Ferrous cans
  • Plastic containers (1&2)
  • Box Board
  • Newsprint/magazines
  • Mail
  • Direct mail advertisements
  • Old corrugated containers
** Items that are not listed above or items that are contaminated will not be collected.

Download our Recycling Brochure


Make sure access to bin is not blocked by vehicles, objects, or overhanging tree limbs.

Missed Collection

If you forgot to place your recycle bin at the curb on your regular collection day and would like to schedule a pick-up, email or call (830) 774-8501 to schedule a pick-up for an additional $3.50 fee.

If you placed your recycle bin at the curb on your regular collection day before 6:00 am and it wasn't serviced, email or call (830) 774-3867.

Cart Storage

Store cart out of sight when not in use.

Cart Replacement

If your bin is damaged, email or call (830) 774-8501. Minor bin damage from normal use will be repaired without cost to the property owner. Any bin with damages as a result of abuse or neglect by the property owner will be replaced for a fee.

Holiday Collection

New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are observed holidays. When the holiday is observed the solid waste collection dates are pushed ahead by one day during the holiday week.