Earth Day Event Information

2018 City of Del Rio and Del Rio Parks Foundation International Earth Day, Jr Ranger & Del Rio Street Eats Registration

This year’s annual Del Rio Earth Day Earth Event has grown! We have now expanded this event to partner with Ciudad Acuña in providing an International Earth Day and have partnered with the National Park Service to provide the annual Junior Ranger Day at this event. The goal of this event is to bring together local businesses and organizations to inform, educate and inspire our community to live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives.

 This event will feature educational booths, local food, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Booth areas are free of charge. There will, however, be a fee for those vendors selling food, beverages or other products. All proceeds will go to a local charity. Booth Registration: A booth space reservation gets you one 10’x10′ designated area in the park at Earth Day Del Rio. Please note that there is LIMITED access to a power supply at the event. If a power supply is needed, please let us know as it will be first come first serve, otherwise an independent power source will be required. Vendors are responsible for supplying their own event infrastructure including canopy, tables, chairs, displays. 

Once you’ve signed up: You will receive an informational packet via email a week before the event which will include “day of event” logistics including loading / unloading procedures and times. Please be sure to include an email address that you check frequently when registering so you do not miss any announcements. Keeping Earth Day “Green”: In keeping with a strong environmental commitment, the event will be reduced waste event and all registrants must indicate in their application what environmental educational message or product you will be promoting at the event. We require that all wastes (bags, to-go containers, cups, drinking straws, etc.) generated during the event must either be recyclable or compostable. Please note that for this event, containers made from polystyrene (such as Styrofoam) are not considered recyclable or compostable. 

Click on the link below to view the Earth Day Site Map at Romanelli Park

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Event - 10 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
Movie - 8:00 P.M.