Economic Development Corporation

History of Del Rio’s Economic Development Corporation (DREDC)

In a special election that took place on May 7, 2016 voters approved reducing the additional 1/2% city sales and use tax for property tax relief to 3/8% and adopting an additional 1/8% city sales and use tax for economic and industrial development as permitted under the provisions of Chapter 504, Type A Corporations of the Texas Local Government Code.

Thereafter, on August 23, the City Council chose nine citizens from a pool of 17 applicants to serve as the first board of directors for the new Del Rio Economic Development Corporation (DREDC). 

The original nine members of the Del Rio Economic Development Corporation are as follows: Sylvia Owens, Don Newton, M. Roberto Garza-Crosby, James Wacaser, Frank Larson, Jerry Simpton, Lucas Gilliam, Antonio Rodriguez, Manuel Pacheco.

The 1/8% rate reduction for the property tax relief sales tax took effect on September 30, 2016.  The 1/8% rate for the additional local sales and use taxes for economic and industrial development became effective in the City of Del Rio on October 1, 2016.  The total city sales tax rate will remain the same. 

Based on historical trends, the DREDC hopes to receive and successfully manage $500,000 per year in sales tax revenues. 

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Eddie Amezcua Jr. (Term Expiring 10-01-2021)
  • Mr. Alvaro Arreola (Term Expiring 10-01-2021)
  • Mrs. Rachel Beavan (Term Expiring 10-1-2022) - Secretary
  • Dr. Michelle Brown (Term Expiring 10-01-2021)
  • Mr. Lucas Gilliam (Term Expiring 10-1-2020)
  • Mr. Leo Martinez (Term Expiring 10-1-2022) - President
  • Mr. Manuel Pacheco (Term Expiring 10-1-2020)
  • Mr. Mark Brown  (Term Expiring 10-1-2022)
  • Mr. Jerry Simpton (Term Expiring 10-1-2020) - Vice President